Terrifed to Death

Oh, God, how can we stop it? I’ve just been watching The Daily Politics in which they discussed the new planning reforms. Well, which do you think we need most – executive housing or the British countryside?

‘Affordable housing’ doesn’t come into it. They’re not interested in giving poor people somewhere nice to live, it’s about enriching developers, many of them foreign who can’t possibly give a toss about our country.

I love the countryside. I love writing about it. My first novel DEADLY NEVERGREEN and any subsequent ones will be set in soil not concrete. But how long before it’s just a myth?

I’ve signed every petition going. I wouldn’t baulk at direct action. I’m one of a majority – most of us want to stop these new planning laws. So can’t we get together and do it? It’s OUR countryside, not the politicians’. Time they remembered they’re there to administer our wishes, not rule us. Otherwise they can move over and we’ll govern ourselves through referendum. We’re more than capable, unlike them.




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5 responses to “Terrifed to Death

  1. I almost hate to tell you this, Lynn, but I was formerly a member of a local Land Planning Committee in Ohio, USA, in a lovely community fronting on Lake Erie. It evolved into two factions — those who wished to maintain the physical and historical intregrity of the community, and those who wished to encourage commercial development. Frustrating experience.

  2. I’m really enjoying going back into people’s archives this week – and your blog is no exception. I read a lot of the classics and love long moments of description where we get a glimpse into a world that is gone now. I hope that as you say the only way for people to appreciate soil is through literature and photos.

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