Up yours.

I read a blog today by paranormal romance writer Nicky Charles in which she tells how she writes for nothing. Though she has a best-seller readership she gives her e-books away, with a request for voluntary donations to writers in greater need. (Not sure how that works.)

While I admire her attitude I’ve no intention of following suit. Why should I? There are libraries for people who can’t afford to buy books which I’ve already paid for through tax. I’m supposed to write for nothing as well while the site where my book is posted gets rich on advertising? Stuff it.

I don’t enjoy writing, I’m lazy and would rather watch TV. I write because I feel a compunction to do so; I don’t know why but I need to write. But the point is to be read by people who are prepared to pay. If no one buys my first book I’ll never write another.

Everyone is worthy of their hire (to paraphrase). Readers who don’t want to pay their writer should piss off. Would they work for nothing?


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4 responses to “Up yours.

  1. yes exactly… if you place no worth on what you do then it is indeed worthless…

    • That’s what I think, Guy .But what’s the betting I’ll be giving books away in six months time?

      • It’s a toughie, do you want to sell and with that promote a sense of self worth or do you want to get the book out to as many as possible in the hope the sales will roll from there… Always place a value on whatever you do, even if that value is simply ‘marketing’, otherwise your own mind will doubt the value of your work. That’s what I think, but hell I’ve sold nothing of my writing yet

  2. daialanye

    Everything I feel about human romance novels goes double for the type of thing Charles writes — doggie love. That is, werewolves.


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