The Kite and the Crow

It’s three years since I first saw a red kite and a crow flying together. Crows are often seen chasing kites away from their nests but these two were almost dancing with one another in the sky, swirling off and coming together again in a joyful aerial friendship, moving to watch. On many occasions, especially in the spring, I’ve see them in the distance, calmly inseparable. Apparently they were famous in the surrounding villages – people came from quite a distance in the hope of catching a glimpse of them.

This spring I haven’t seen them. But this evening I saw a lone red kite drifting over the fields with that mewling, desolate cry. Probably it was hungry. Still, I couldn’t help wondering if that cry was prompted by a hunger for more than food. Was it THE kite, no longer with the crow?

Perhaps some people will say self-interest was their motivation for staying together – that their different methods of finding food meant they got more to eat. I think the rareness of such pairings gives the lie to that. Their flight together was so full of joy, I don’t like to think about their grief at being parted. I want them to die together. I know, however, that it’s unlikely.


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8 responses to “The Kite and the Crow

  1. I love watching the kites above our land, so beautiful, so graceful in the air. My rook colony always rise up to chase them away from their nests but there is enough air space for the two to co-exist.

  2. Beautiful and sad tale. Is there self interest in each and every relationship? Thanks for sharing Lynn. I feel uplifted and melancholic at the same time. A poem needs written.

  3. I’m enjoying your blog

  4. Gateshead’s Lower Derwent Valley is the core area for the red kites in the north-east. As we approach the 2012 breeding season, the kites can be seen throughout the lower Derwent Valley and especially near the Nine Arches Viaduct.

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