Favourite Quote


Here’s one of my favourite quotes from B.Lloyd’s Greenwood Tree:

‘It may well be that being unused to country living my temper has in some way been affected; I almost hesitate to describe the feelings of horror I have experienced since my arrival in this place, which have grown upon me increasingly over the last few days – this feeling was hardly alleviated by our visit to the clearing, and might explain the distinct impression I had of being observed by some person or persons unseen. This impression grew so strong that I was almost convinced I saw the figure of a man in green slipping away between the trees on the opposite side of the glade …’



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6 responses to “Favourite Quote

  1. Thank you ! That is one of my top favourites too! – and what a brilliant photo – very original – will you add him on Pinterest? (http://pinterest.com/bustles/greenwood-tree-pinterest-party/) or shall I ? 😉

  2. I am alarmed by the idea that an otherwise pleasant grassly clearing could swallow me up.

  3. Reblogged this on Bustling along bookshelves . . . and commented:
    Thank you Lynn!

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